Client Side

# Client Side Web Applications Developer Expert with core client side technologies: - Javascript ES6/2015, jQuery, JSON, DOM - HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Less, Ajax, Fetch - Typescript, ESLint, Linux, cli, bash, git, vi(m), ssh - TDD, Mocha, Jasmine/Jest, Assert, Request - Functional Programming, OOP, Agile devops - Responsive website design - Visual design, Photoshop, UI/UX - Markdown Built content manager database grid framework to maintain DB on MS Sql Server with HTML5, CSS, javascript/jQuery and SlickGrid on the client side. (In production, it is still an MS IIS, ASP, Sql Server project on the server side). Currently re-factoring application to a Vue/Vuex front end and Linux, node, express backe end. ### Client-side Frameworks **Vue / Vuex**, Webpack React, JSX, Angular [**Portfolio of responsive websites**](/portfolio.hmd)