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# Portfolio of Selected Responsive Websites ### Architected, designed, and developed by Jim Canright. - Client Side: **HTML5, Javascript, CSS and jQuery** - Website Server: **Linux, Node, Javascript ES2015, Express** - Custom Content Manager: **Node, Javascript ES2015, Express, Hogan templates, JSON** - Concepts and Designs in collaboration with the clients ### *Please explore some of these sites - its about the details...* **[AndersonMasonDale Architects](http://amdarchitects.com) - Denver, CO** | An SPA (Single Page Application) with portfolios of multi-slide projects, featuring transluscent panel effects and slide-shows in automatic or manual mode. **[Camp & Camp Architects](http://campandcamp.com) - Walnut Creek, CA** | A "full bleed" responsive portfolio website. **[Gellos Architect](http://gellosarchitect.com) - Tualatin, OR** | An SPA with a horizontal "film-strip" effect. **[JZMK Partners](http://jzmkpartners.com) - Costa Mesa, CA** | An SPA "full bleed" responsive website with transluscent panel effects. **[KCCT](http://kcct.com) - Washington, DC** | A sophisticated responsive website featuring dynamic interactive project page layouts, an innovative panel interface (see the firm > culture page), coordinated portfolio grids and more. **[Kumin Architecture](http://kuminalaska.com) - Anchorage, AK** | A traditional portfolio website featuring a coordinated project selection grid. **[MTFA Architecture](http://mtfa.net) - Arlington, VA** | A responsive website with innovative coordinated project grid and project rendering effects. **[Thuilot Associates](http://thuilot.com) - Berkeley, CA** | A responsive portfolio website. **[Ammon Heisler Sachs](http://ahsarch.com) - Baltamore, MD** | An elegant traditional portfolio website with high capacity and clean interface. **[Barber Architecture](http://barberarchitecture.com) - Denver, CO** | A beautiful traditional portfolio website. **[Eaton Hall Architecture](http://eatonhallarchitecture.com) - San Jose, CA** | A clean and usable portfolio website for a smaller firm.