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Development Projects

# Selected Software Development Projects **Sensor data collection Controller | Tryon Creek Software, Full Stack Developer, 2017**: Created a sensor data collection controller (*Raspberry PI/Linux/node/Digital I/O*) that posts to a central server (*Node/Express, Postgres*) exposing a *REST* API to web and mobile clients for reporting. **Enterprise Agribusiness Application | Tryon Creek Software, Back End Developer, 2016, 2017**: Develop Routes to serve enterprise Angular 1 & iOS applications for a Fortune 10 Corporation. *Node/Express, REST, JSON, Postgres, Sequelize*. **Websites for Architects | Product Owner, Full Stack Developer**: Multi-tenant content manager & account tracking / billing system. *Node/Express, REST, JSON, React*. Multi-tenant Website Hosting *Ubuntu 16.10, Node, Devops*. **Websites for Architects | Product Owner, Website Designer**: Design and develop responsive portfolio websites. Over 120 clients. Custom client side jQuery/javascript components: slide-shows, grids, animated panels and animations. *jQuery/javascript, HTML5, CSS3*, SEO, Webmaster. **EE Schenck, Maywood Studios | Full Stack Application Architect, Lead Developer**: Web Database e-commerce site for distributors and retail with product catalog, shopping-cart, and interface to back-end VAX/VMS inventory application. *Sql Server, ASP, j-script, jQuery, HTML5* **California High Speed Rail | Application Architect, Project Lead, Full Stack Developer**: High Volume Website for large infrastructure project. Searchable document library, visualizations, social media interface. *Sql Server, IIS, ASP.net, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery* **Extranet Kit | Product Owner, Database Architect, Application Designer**: Application development framework featuring declarative configuration of extranets, intranets and content managers. Used the extranet kit to efficiently deliver administration and maintenance portals for clients. *.Net, Sql Server, C#, ASP, VBscript* **Laika | Application Architect, Full Stack Developer**: Integrated corporate website featuring commercial and inhouse divisions with animation players, animation portfolios by artist, and 'build a reel' (shopping cart) feature. *SQL Server, ASP, javascript/jQuery, HTML5*. **Ingenious | CTO, Application Architect**: Startup Venture to produce price estimator for used vehicles at auction in the field from VIN number. VIN parser. Price estimation algorithm. *SQL Server, .Net* **Geotrust | Security Analyst, Algorythmic Architect**: Secure Certification Provisioning System. **Wacker Siltronix | Database / Application Analyst/Developer**: Process oriented manufacturing tracking and control with inventory management and quality data collection. *Oracle SQL Forms, C* **On Fulfillment | Application / Database Architect, Lead Developer**: Multi-tenant inventory control, work order management, customer order collection and tracking and shipping orders and manifests. *SQL Server, ASP, vbScript, HTML* **Esco Steel | Database / Application Architect, Lead Developer / Designer**: Product catalog and specification with inventory interface, shopping cart and inventory / work order interface. *SQL Server, ASP, jQuery, HTML5* **Weiden & Kennedy | Application Architect and Developer**: Inhouse quarterly online magazine with content manager. *SQL Server, ASP, VBscript* **Pacific Pride, Metrofueling | Database Analyst, Application Developer**: Fleet fuelling account management and fuel tracking. *Oracle, C* **Symantic | Application Architect and Developer**: Inhouse online magazine with content manager. *SQL Server, ASP, VBscript* **Soloflex | Lead Developer/Designer**: E-Commerce product catalogue and shopping card. SEO and online promotion. *SQL Server, ASP, jQuery, HTML5* **Michigan Fruit Canners | Application Architect and Developer**: Receiving, Inventory, Shipping tracking with bar-coded device interfaces and transit orders to control manual and robotic fork lifts. *Oracle, C* **Tropitone Furniture | Consultant, Database and Application Architect and Developer**: Full Enterprise Resources Planning System. *Oracle SQL Forms, C* **Beoing Georgia | Consultant, Database Architect and Developer**: Specializing in Master Production Scheduling and Material Requirements Planning Engine. *Oracle SQL Forms, C* **TRW Space and Communications Group | Manufacturing Systems Analyst and Developer**: Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Order Processing. *Oracle, C* [//]: # (1800 Reconex) [//]: # (Pacificorp) [//]: # (Scrubmed) [//]: # (Zilog) [//]: # (Insight World Wide) [//]: # (Sublimity Insurance) [//]: # (Montgomery & Graham) [//]: # (Wherenext) [//]: # (Michigan Fruit Canners) [//]: # (Pathfinder Logistics) [//]: # (Litton Laser)