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Software Development

# Server Side Capabilities ### Database Technologies - Relational Database Architect, ERD, Erwin - SQL, Relational Databases, Postgres, MS Sql Server, MariaDb, mySql, Oracle, DBA - Non-relational Databases, Redis, ISAM, MongoDB - REST, JSON, YAML, XML ### Cloud Technologies - AWS - Lambda, API Gateway - AWS DynamoDB, S3, CLI - REST, JSON, JWT, Auth0 ### Application Domains - Custom web database business applications - Intranets, Extranets, Content management systems - Execution Management Systems - Enterprise, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics Applications - eCommerce ### Platforms - Linux, Unix, Ubuntu - C, LAMP, Apache, PHP - .NET, C#, MS Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS, ASP, vbscript, jscript - I manage a rackspace with two Ubuntu Server 16.04 servers (one of which serves this website) and two Windows Servers - one with IIS and the other with Sql Server. ### Background Capabilities - Application architecture, design & development - Requirements & Design Specifications - Templating, hogan, handlebars, moustache, template strings - Markdown, document management systems - Agile, scrum, devops for lean teams - HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Security, Authentication - Hands on agile team membership and leadership - Agile team / Product / Project / Client account / Business unit management - Webmaster, Server Administration (Windows Server & Linux) ### Canright Server - This site (canright.net) is served directly by this module. - Lean multi-tenant website server with integrated CMS - Server-side hogan templating. - Serves skinned markdown pages (this page is that - view page source to see markdown which is rendered client-side). - Typescript, Javascript ES6, nodejs, json, less. - Data Persisted in JSON, Redis, MariaDb, Postgres - REST account dictionary lookups. - [open source on github](https://github.com/canright/server) ### CLI for Node Server - Stub CLI module for a node server. - Typescript, Javascript ES6, nodejs, express, npm, ... - pause & resume log stream to stdio. - [open source on github](https://github.com/canright/cli) ### DNS Lokups with REST - REST DNS lookups. - Javascript ES6, nodejs, express, git, npm, ... - Functional programming. - [open source on github](https://github.com/canright/dns) ### [Portfolio of Software Development Projects](/projects.hmd)